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New Partnership between SEVIS Education & Consulting and the EdUp International Podcast

Dear colleagues:

I have some good news to share about a new partnership between SEVIS Education & Consulting and the EdUp International podcast! 

In Episode 7, I had the pleasure of joining host James Shafer, and he and I discussed the role of the Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) and the importance of the PDSO fulfilling the role of the primary communicator between our ISSS offices and the other departments at our schools.  

Plus, beginning in Episode 8 of the podcast, we will be introducing “SEVIS Education Insights with Jesse!”  I am hoping that this segment will provide you with tips and insights that will elevate your understanding and application of F1 and J1 regulations.

This was the second time James and I did a podcast together.  In case you missed our previous show, check out Episodes 3 and 4 on the EdUp International website. I enjoyed co-hosting with James Shafer and our special guest, June Sadowski-Devarez. In this double episode, we looked at June’s incredible journey with International Education Training Services (IETS) and heard her profound insights into the history of F1 and J1 regulations since the 1990s!

For Spotify aficionados, click HERE to embark on the EdUp International adventure, starting with Episode 3. And if you’re hungry for more, explore other episodes featuring guests like LaNitra Berger (Episode 1), President of the Board of NAFSA, and Jim McLaughlin of IC3 (Episode 2), diving into academic and career counselor training in India.

Remember, the EdUp International podcast is part of the EdUp Experience family, delivering top-notch content for those who are passionate for higher education. So buckle up, hit play, and get ready to #EdUp at least twice a month with SEVIS Education Insights with Jesse! 

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